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Canadian Tire Mastercraft Parts

canadian tire mastercraft parts

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  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).

  • MasterCraft, which is headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee, is a United States manufacturer of recreational boats, founded in 1968. MasterCraft boats are popular for use in water skiing and wakeboarding.

  • Mastercraft is the Canadian Tire exclusive hardware line of products. It is broken down into two lines, Mastercraft; which is the household series; and Mastercraft Maximum (formerly the Mastercraft Professional Series) which is the new professional series.

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Bitz Tower!

Bitz Tower!

I was sick of storing my bitz (that's the term for any little plastic pieces left over after assembling a miniature model, for instance I've got extra arms, heads, weapons, and bits of filigree I could use on another model later, this also includes any other optional parts I decided not to use on any given model that I decide I might want to use on a different model later) in little plastic containers that were so full I had to dump them all out to find anything, so I decided to buy one of these awesome drawer-filled towers (they're apparently called "parts cabinets" for anyone who ever wants to find one) to store them in.

I first saw one as a child when my Dad kept parts for his Model Train hobby in them, various drawers filled with train tracks, or ballast, or.. little stop signs and what have you. Anyway, tracking one down in Sechelt was actually pretty hard (partly as I didn't know how to describe what it was) but after searching through aisle after aisle at Home Hardware (no help) and Canadian Tire, I found a couple of 'em.

I opted for the smallest, and also picked up some washers to help weigh down models that are prone to tipping over.

I'm in the process of cutting bitz off sprues, storing them in specific drawers, and labeling each drawer that has stuff in it, so after I'm done (won't do it today, maybe tomorrow) I'll post another photo of what that looks like.

canadian tire mastercraft parts

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